Aptar Student Night

On Wednesday, April 26 2017, CEMSies met Aptar managers. The managers, coming from all over the world and having a training session in Vienna, especially aimed at getting fresh insights on how Generation Y sees the world, while the students could get insights into many different business areas all around the world and into how everyday life of executives look like.

After the pick-up the whole group enjoyed a get together at WU Campus, which many of the executives have never seen before. Afterwards, small groups of students were responsible to organize dinner with a very few executives, in a student setting, whether it is having BBQ on a balcony of a student’s flat or enjoying food at a hipster restaurant. Last but not least, all the groups met again at a bar and let the evening fade out with some drinks.

Overall the evening was probably very interesting from both sides and we hope Aptar enjoyed it to experience the Vienna student life for a night.