CEMS Brewery Tour

The CCV decided to explore premises of Vienna’s oldest brewery – Ottakringer, together with all beer-loving CEMSies. The tour started off with the introduction of the brewery history, followed by a walk across different rooms where the liquid gold is being produced.

While getting through the different stages of beer production and seeing huge tanks filled with beer, we all became extremely thirsty. For our great pleasure, the thirst has been eventually satisfied as the tour finished with an unlimited consumption of 10 various types of beers produced by Ottakringer ranging from a non-alcoholic variant up to a beer sort with around 7% alcohol content. As a bonus, the tour guide brought us warm, freshly-baked pretzels produced by Ottakringer in the building right next to us which were super delicious. Overall, we all enjoyed the evening a lot and highly recommend everyone to attend this brewery tour at least once!