CEMS DACH Forum in St. Gallen

Almost 20 WU students participated in this year’s DACH Forum hosted by the University of St. Gallen. The forum was built around a 3 ECTS course about International Corporate Governance and kicked off with a very warm welcome by the organizers Alwin and Karim, followed by a lecture from a renowned expert on the topic: Prof. Martin Hilb. He introduced us to his integrated New Corporate Governance framework, which is based on a reversed KISS-principle. The first day came to an end with a traditional fondue night, where we could network with fellow CEMSies from all around Europe and get to know each other.

The following days included lectures from Doris Benz and Nina Spielmann on corporate governance, guest lectures from the academic partners EY, Metro, SWISS, and Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (URW). Moreover, 20 students had the opportunity to attend the rotation dinner at Netts, one of St. Gallen’s most famous restaurants, where they could network with corporate partners, such as BCG, URW, EY, and Daimler, in a very informal atmosphere. Students could also attend pre-scheduled interviews with some of the partners. We were invited to spend our lunch breaks with Simon-Kucher & Partners and SWISS, H&M and URW organized Apéros after the lectures. Through these events we got deeper insights into the companies and could ask questions to representatives, who were mostly former CEMSies themselves.

For our final projects, we were divided into groups of 5 and were assigned to one of the academic partners. Our task was to analyze their corporate governance structures and develop recommendations to improve their governance. Furthermore, each group had to elaborate a specific topic for the companies. Thereby we were supported by representatives of the academic partners through regular meetings. After some intense days, the projects were presented to the lecturers and the partners on Saturday. To celebrate the successful project presentations, the DACH Forum team organized a final party in a local bar. This was a perfect way to once again celebrate the projects and say goodbye to all of the CEMSies.