CCV goes Virtual Reality Café

The newly founded CCV Tech & Innovation Team has dedicated itself to broaden every CEMSies horizon in regard to technological development. Currently, Virtual Reality is one of hottest trends not only in consumer electronics but also large-scale industrial applications. Therefore, we organised a trip to Vienna’s first Virtual Reality Café – VREI.

After an introduction into the topic, we could experience first-hand how the technology works by playing simulations and highly realistic video games. Several games required skills ranging from quick reaction times, strategic decision making to team play and creative solution finding. The world was saved from a Zombie apocalypse, blocks were cut in half to rhythmic beats and we even found aspiring Formula 1 world champions. We were amazed by the level of detail and realistic appeal this new technology allows for already today!

To sum up, all of us had a great time diving into various virtual worlds and luckily, nobody was hurt in real life 😉