Katrin @ Copenhagen

Host University:
Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Copenhagen, Denmark
Spring 2018


  • Registration in Denmark: you will receive a checklist from the international office at CBS upfront, that provides you with a list of documents you need for your registration
  • Health insurance: not needed – as soon as you are formally registered in Denmark you will receive a “yellow card” that functions as a health insurance within Denmark (Some services like dentists/specialists etc are not included)
  • Vaccinations: not needed
  • Application process: very easy – Rene and Wafa are always happy to help;
  • Course selection: information will be provided pretty late (so don’t freak out 😊) – quite a large variety of courses which can be selected in two rounds
  • Visa: not needed for EU citizens

I lived in an Airbnb which was on Amager; I would recommend making use of the student dorms provided by CBS; you will be sent a link and you need to be fast in clicking on it as soon as you receive it! After clicking on it you will be in a waiting line and as soon as it is your spot you have some time to choose one of the open student dorm spots;


  • Living: around 800€
  • Food: around 300-400€ (lunch at CBS canteen: around 40 DKK ~ 5,30€)
  • Fun: depends 😊

Everyday life:

  • Coffee: Paludan Bog & Café
  • Sports: fitnessDK (fitness chain with one branch right on campus – this one offers special prices to CBS students)
  • Going out: Meatpacking district (Joline!!); Distortion!!! (3-day public street festival in June)
  • Food: In the summer there will be a street food “festival” called “Reffen” – a bit far out, but if it is a nice summer/spring day and you are hungry, definitely worth a visit!!
  • Other: Visit Bispebjerg Cemetery for Jerry Blossom!

We had a great bunch of CEMS people from the beginning and used to party in the dorms (especially Porcelaenshaven and Nimbus) and hang around in the summer (had barbecues at Holger Danskes Vej dorm). CEMS life was definitely not as well organized as in Vienna, but there were a lot of great events planned by the CEMS Club. 😊 Found the right people and had the best time!

Top 3 moments (hard to choose – as always):

  • All the lunches, chats, drinks and good times we had 😊
  • Celebrating the end of semester at distortion with our whole CBS CEMS cohort
  • CEMS closing gala at Docken

VERY AWESOME!!!! Definitely among the top semesters I ever had!

What I loved about Copenhagen is that you only need a bike (and lights!!!) and you will get around everywhere easily. And besides you also do some sports and see a lot from the city (e.g. on my way from home to CBS I was basically crossing all the major sights). So make sure to get a bike from day 1 – try to buy one either through Facebook (but beware the scams!!) or dba.dk: But make sure that the seller is stating the bike ID (so you can check whether the bike was stolen or is fine (to check: download the app called “Politi” and insert the bike ID – only available for Android at the moment).

In general, CBS is a very academic university, meaning that every class includes masses of academic papers and normally you would have to write at least a short report of 5 pages, no matter which class. Moreover, Danish educational law requires all universities to hold oral exams after each course. Therefore, be ready for those oral exams where you will have to defend your paper/report/project (even for the CEMS business project) and describe some of the theories and academic papers discussed in class. Very unusual if you come from WU, but it is definitely doable and not as tough as it seems.

Secret tips:
Rent a car and explore Denmark!

Would you be okay with being contacted by future outgoings if they have questions?
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