Lucas @ Sydney

Host University:
University of Sydney (USYD), Sydney, Australia
Fall 2018

Insurance is about AUD 300, visa is necessary, but all the information will be sent in detail by the coordinator from Sydney and the process is very easy

I shared a house, to find one, either ask in the CEMS groups on FB/WhatsApp or check out or the “Sydney houses rooms rentals” FB group. There’re many cool spots (Bondi for beach, Newtown for food/pubs, etc.), but if you want to hang out with many CEMSies, go to Surry Hills, that’s where most of them will live (for whatever reason…:P)

Main: Accomodation (270$/week), that was even cheap, the others paid between 300-400/week on average….in total I spent about €3100 per month…that’s largely because I went traveling almost every month, that’s ballooning the bills.. Beer is between 6 and 12AUD for a pint, so if you’re lucky with your FX rate, you’re all set. Just go for cheap pre’s and don’t forget to use the 2 liters of duty free liquor whenever you come to Australia!

Everyday life:
Go to Henry Lee’s for brunch! 😉 Also, if you like techno music, S.A.S.H. on Sundays is nice. Check out Balmoral beach and besides that block your classes to only a few weekdays so you can travel the most out of your time!

Most students are exchange students and there is a great and very international vibe. The absolute highlight were the two boat parties, as well as the obligatory running dinner/cocktail events. Since I went to Sydney in the Spring term (Jul-Nov), I had the opportunity to participate in the City2Surf run (14km fun run) and have one or ten beers afterwards…definitely worth a go!

I had a fantastic time in Sydney, the city is a banger and (lucky you), the lock out laws are loosened, so you can even go out longer than 3am!!!

You’ve got the beach….what more is there to say…however, the Campus(es) – yes, there’s two – are both amazing, one is just a stunner, and the other one will elevate you to level 16 and cheer you up with some views. Also the general mindset of the people is very laidback so don’t take life too seriously and have a great time!

Secret tips:
As great as everything has been, the CEMS club was less organised than at WU and there were far less events and parties going on. Maybe because the CEMS club is only elected after the semester has already started and you miss amazing things like the Welcome Week(end). So my most important tip: manage it yourself. Either join the Club and show them your spirit or just host some home parties at your place! :P

To see what was going on, we created the hashtag #cemssyd on IG

Feel free to contact me on my FB (Lucas Medenjak) or send me an owl.