Lorela @ Barcelona

Host University:
ESADE, Barcelona, Spain
Spring 2018

No special organization needed as European citizen, everything is taken care of by lovely Maja.

I lived in a shared apartment with a Mexican and Italian girl (non-CEMSies) in Gracia.

Search in facebook groups and on idealista and be very fast with contacting people as good rooms are taken very quickly. Be prepared for tiny rooms.

Best area to live as a student is Gracia. You find the hippest bars, best restaurants and a number of clubs around there. It is a student district and there is always something going on (shout out to the numerous street festivals).


  • Rent: 450-500€
  • Food: 300-400€ (but I eat out a lot too!)
  • Public Transport: 50€
  • Books and Course Material: Nada
  • Fun: depends on you 😉

Average beer: 2€ (alcohol is very cheap in general)

Everyday life:

  • Eating out: Best tapas: Vinitus & La pepita / Catalan food: Taverna el Glop/ Pinchos: carrer de blai
    Sushi (crazy good in Barcelona in general): Kitsune, Kibuka, Toyo
  • Brunch: Flex and Kale (also amazing vegan dishes!), Elsas y Fred, Federal and all-time favourite Brunch & Cake
  • Pizza: Nap Mar (for hangover days, which you will for sure have)
  • Fav bars: Old fashioned, 1888, 33/45, NEVERMIND, teater de arc and many more, you can find awesome bars around every corner really!
  • Sports: DiR Gyms or Metropolitan, Beach Gyms and Jogging around Mont Juic or Park Guell
  • Best happy hour/ deal:Gintonic at Hot Bar for 5€, just perfect before entering the expensive clubs in that area & Espit Chupitos for some different kind of shots

Student life does NOT happen on campus and that is good because Barcelona has a lot to offer. The CEMS spirit is very strong and there is some CEMS party at least every weekend! CEMSies get together all the time: beach (volleyball) days are real community events, running dinners/cocktails are traditions and the motto is “what parties together, stays together”.

Spanish people at ESADE are a minority, but the ones being part of CEMS make sure to show you Barcelona’s best sides and the Spanish (party) culture.

3 Top CEMS Moments:

  • Every time CEMSies partied on Sundays at “Brunch in the City/Park” (make sure to get an early-bird season pass, if you like electronic music & do NOT take Monday morning classes!)
  • La Costa Brava Semester Closing Trip
  • Carneval in Sitges & the Gay Pride in Barcelona

Not even mentioning all the crazy nights celebrating until sunrise …

My exchange at ESADE was definitely the time of my life! I met the most caring, craziest and loveliest bunch of people one could imaging. Experiencing CEMS and Barcelona with them could not have been any better. Leaving them was hard, but all the reunions since then haven been simply amazing!

There are barely any locals at ESADE, making the whole experience some kind of exchange for everyone! The best thing about Barcelona is that there is something going on every time of the day or night.

The courses and lecturers encourage critical thinking, challenging the status quo and put a lot of trust into you. You can have great discussions with world known academics and receive valuable feedback.

Host school/Campus:
The campus is about 1h from Barcelona, in Sant Cugat. So, student life does not happen there. Nobody would ever go there for studying or doing group work, that was always done in co-working spaces around the city. It’s really a pity because the campus is brand-new and the “Rambla de la Innovación” is equipped with the most modern facilities.

Once you live there you fall in love with this vibrant city and everything it has to offer: From vino, playa y fiesta to culture, history, architecture and national pride, there is always something you will discover.

Barcelona is definitely a place I could see myself living in the future.

Secret tips:
Barcelona’s winter is not comparable to ours, but it still exists. There are weeks when it rains all the time and you should come prepared. Bring a (CEMS) hoodie for cold days and don’t forget that apartments have no heating 😉

Anything else you would like to share?
Get ready for a lot of Reggaeton Music, they play it everywhere!

“Si necessitas, reggaeton DALE!”

& Travel as much as you can! Spain has a lot to offer, the country is so diverse and beautiful and staying the summer for experiencing it is totally worth it!

Would you be okay with being contacted by future outgoings if they have questions?
Hit me up on facebook: Lorela Blakcori