Lea @ Saint Petersburg

Host University:
Graduate School of Management (GSOM), Saint Petersburg, Russia
Spring 2018


  • Insurance? You need an insurance, I had one with HanseMerkur by mistake, since I was not allowed to get it as a non-German citizen. Anyways, The company still acknowledged it, when I need it.
  • Vaccination? I did not need any vaccination
  • Application Process? Begins very late, since the International office at GSOM usually sends all necessary information very late in the semester (invitation letter, etc.)
  • Visa? You need a Visa, you will get one with your invitation letter and by scheduling an appointment at the Russian Konsulat, be sure to schedule it at least 2 weeks before you depart, but even earlier. Do it even if not having the invitation letter, best 3 weeks before you depart, otherwise you need to get your visa at the Visa Zentrum which is more expensive. Your visa will be a single-entry visa and 3 weeks upon your arrival to St. Petersburg, you will need to hand in your passport for 8 weeks to receive the multiple entry visa. In this time you are not allowed to leave St. Petersburg.

I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with a Russian girl close to Vasileovstrovskaya. I found my accommodation on Facebook. I would recommend to live close to the metros! Vasileovstrovskaya, Gostiny Dvor, Mayakovskaya,

My main expenses were probably food and partying, cause you are doing it a lot and there are just so many good restaurants. Flat was 240 Euros/month for me, but most exchangies had a more luxury apartment and paid Vienna prices (400 euros)

And most importantly, how much is a beer on average? Depending on where you go, you can get a beer for 1.5€ or around 3.5-4€. Essentially, it is cheap.

Everyday life:

  • Any tips for everyday life? Pack as many warm clothes as you can. Thermo tights are your best friends. Plan your trips in advance.
  • Where to eat/drink/shop etc.? There is sooo much, St. Petersburg has a lot to offer and I actually wish you a lot of luck to get to eat and drink in all of the great restaurants and bars while you are there.
  • Where to do sports? This is actually tricky, unless you become a member at the gym for approx. 40€/month, it is very hard to do any sports.
  • Best Happy Hour? MISHKA!!!

My three top CEMS moments: International dinner, Closing party (self-organized by two international CEMSIES) and running cocktails.

It was really cool, I had an amazing exchange.

Secret tips:
I would have scheduled a trip to see the polar lights, before I needed to hand in my passport. I would have learned more Russian beforehand and I would have tried to find more friends outside of GSOM from the very beginning.

Would you be okay with being contacted by future outgoings if they have questions?
Sure, please contact me: [email protected]