Victor @ Stockholm

Host University:
Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Stockholm, Sweden
Spring 2018

If you are an EU citizen or have a Schengen visa you probably do not have to worry a lot before you go to Stockholm. Just make sure you have a decent travel insurance, as a frequent travelling CEMSie you need it anyway. The most important thing to organize before your exchange picking your courses and applying for accommodation.

Luckily, SSE usually provides spots in one of their student dorms for CEMS students. You will receive an email about this. As a WU student I could choose between Saltis (single, double) and Lappis (single). Both dorms have their pros and cons so the best option comes down to your personal preferences. The renting period runs for the full semester and has to be paid in SEK in advance.

Saltis, where I lived, is located right next to SSE (so super central!) and houses 50 SSE exchange students. We had a good community and many pregamings on our floor. Rooms are spacious, in good condition and with a small kitchenette. A LIDL is directly below the dorm which helps keeping living expenses low.

Lappis is about 30mins by bus from SSE. It’s a large complex with a couple of hundred students from different universities living there. Its perks are a sauna that you can book, barbecue places, a close by lake and forest and a large common kitchen and area. You can find more info on the SSE Housing page.

Living expenses are generally higher in Stockholm than in Vienna but with a few simple tricks you can keep costs on a similar level.

  • Bring a flask!

Every drink above 3.5% alcohol can only be bought at the at systembolaget (state-owned liquor store). Liquor is very expensive so bring it from the airport and tell your visitors to do the same. A beer is about 1.10€ at systembolaget, 3-4€ at a cheap bar and >8€ at a normal bar/club. Everything with more alcohol is ridiculous expensive, hence bring your flask everywhere – they don’t do body checks.

  • Brush up your cooking skills!

Shopping at LIDL and cooking at your dorm is by far the cheapest option. SASSE, the student organization at SSE has many microwaves that you can use for free. Meal prep FTW! If you want to eat out do it during noon to take advantage of the lunch specials offered by many restaurants close to campus and around the city. You can get a great lunch for 10-12€. You can find my favourite restaurants in the everyday life section.

  • Be active!

There are a couple of companies offering bikesharing and other mobility services. For a trip downtown and to bars on Södermalm you will probably be better off taking a bike (I used obike) or walking and buying the occasional single ride than with a semester ticket.

Everyday life:

Hirschenkeller (typical student bar with cheap beer and right outside Saltis)
Bara Enkelt (cheap bar on Södermalm)

Alternative Clubs:
Besides the usual places where you will go with your fellow CEMSies I want to highlight some places that are worth checking out if you are into trying something new. You won’t get everyone to follow you here so find some of the most dedicated explorers and take them to a party at one of the places below. If you do your due diligence on their event schedules you will find parties that you and your friends will remember as something special.

Slakthuset was my favorite place. It hosts different formats including techno, dancehall, hiphop, dubstep, drum & bass parties. From spring to fall they have a rooftop terrace. Easy to reach via subway to “Globen” and usually free entry before 11. Check their FB for details!

Under Bron is one of the few places open past 3am in Stockhom. They feature all kinds of nights e.g. techno, house and ballroom and close at 5am. During summer they open the outdoor area and change name to Trädgården and become more mainstream. Check their FB for details!

Södra Theatern is not just a club but a place for many cultural events including concerts and even a monthly hip-hop karaoke night. Check their FB events regularly and you will find some cool events for you.

Babel Deli (Arabic – Meze, Wraps)
Wäng Izakaya (Asian)
Reload Super Food Bar (Salads)
MAX (Swedish McDonalds with a great Haloumi Burger)

Bröd & Salt (the place to get proper bread)
Coop close to Uni (grocery store & salad bar)
Stadsmission (cheap second hand stores all over the city)

SSE Library (nice atmosphere for learning and working on your own)
Studentpalatset (you can get an access card with you student ID and book group rooms – very useful for skype interviews and BP client calls)
Stockholm Public Library

The MIM/program at SSE is structured differently that at WU.

My observations are only valid if you go to SSE during your second semester, i.e. during spring. I do not know if the same applied to the fall semester.

SSE home students in their first year only have classes with other first year students. You will be studying with second year students who are already in their social groups and focus on finishing their studies and getting a job. Thus during my stay at SSE the two cohorts were not as well integrated as at WU. However, the CEMS Club organizes a range of events that foster integration and they are a great opportunity to socialize outside the classroom. Become active in CCS! Bring in your experience from Vienna and duplicate some of your favorite events. During my term abroad the WU exchangies organized a CEMS running cocktails but we matched the teams in way that we could have all stations in the dorm so nobody needs to go out in the cold!

Top events during my term were the trip to Uppsala for Valborg, Cantus, Swedish Banquet and the closing party.

Make use of electives from other departments that you can chose at SSE. I attended a course on Behavioral Economics from the Economics department which was one of the best courses in my entire university education.

SASSE, the student organization at SSE, has many different departments and work groups on probably every interest you might have. So check them out, ask around and do what you love.

Secret tips:

  • Take the bus to Hellasgården, do a hike, and jump into a frozen lake after Sauna
  • Go to Helsinki for a ‘Sit Sit’ with their CEMS Club and check out Tallin afterwards. Make sure to take the ferry back and enjoy some more sauna!

If you have any questions please contact your buddy group first, i.e. the WU students in your cohort that already went to SSE and SSE students that are coming to WU. If you have any questions left, send me a short message on linkedin’