Stefan @ Milan

Host University:
Bocconi University (BU), Milan, Italy
Fall 2018

Generally, there is not much to do in advance prior to the semester abroad at Bocconi. Since I am an EU citizen I did not have to arrange for visa and cannot give any further guidance on this topic. On the other hand, if you plan to do your block seminar at Bocconi, you should take into account the application deadline and the subsequent payment deadline (in my case it was 300 EUR and they gave me one additional week to pay for the seminar). Additionally, if you want to subscribe to a gym in Milan, beware that you will need a medical certificate from your personal GP. I’d recommend you do this before you arrive in Milan so that you avoid the headache of having to deal with it from distance or having to pay to a local doctor.

Looking for accommodation in Milan is nothing less than a nightmare. I personally did a rookie mistake by starting to look for a place only a month before my arrival. Therefore, I had to spend the first two weeks at hostels, before I eventually found a permanent place. In general, if you want to live close to Bocconi you should be prepared to pay between 600 – 900 EUR for a room. I lived 20 min away with the tram at Piazza Cinque Giornate and paid 650 EUR per month for a pretty good place. I would recommend start looking for a place as early as possible and to frequent the Italian websites listed below. Uniplaces and Housinganywhere are fairly overpriced but give more options for short-term rents than the local websites, so it’s a tradeoff. Please find a list with useful housing websites below:


Milan is by far the most expensive city in Italy. Apart from the rent, the second biggest share went for food. One can find great restaurants and street food in Milan together with high quality groceries, which are also slightly more expensive than in Vienna (depends on the individual product though). If you wanna do sports, the Bocconi gym would cost you 120 EUR for 5 months and is typically the cheapest option on the market. Alternatively, you can opt for a fancier gym, but due to the short duration of the contract, it will cost you at least 60-70 EUR per month. I found a sweet loophole in the system by extending my McFit membership from Vienna in Milan, where you can find 4 McFit palestras. If you live close to Bocconi, they will appear not ideally situated. However, it’s the cheapest and easiest option by far: 20 EUR per month and no need to show medical certificate 😉

With a great pain I must tell you that a beer in Milan starts at 5-6 EUR for 330 ml (500 if you are lucky). It is usually a better value for the money to drink cocktails, because they make those pretty strong, while a cocktail would cost approximately the same as a beer. Public transport is relatively cheap in Milan. If you need to travel frequently (or even if not), you can order a student card, which should be loaded monthly, whereby the monthly ticket costs 22 EUR only. Taxies are pretty expensive and there is no Uber (only Uber black). Many people use car/scooter sharing, which costs considerably less than a taxi and is much more flexible too.

Everyday life:
You will quickly learn all those things once you immerse into the CEMS community 😊 If you like alternative music, however, you can hit me up and I will give you some valuable tips.

I personally enjoyed the CEMS cohort in Milan quite a lot. Generally, Italians are warm and welcoming people and the CEMS club in Milan lived up to expectations. There were plenty of social events, sometimes it seemed that quantity was prioritized over quality though. Overall, I liked the CEMS experience, but would recommend exploring life outside of CEMS either and to look for enriching contacts within the exchange community as a whole.

My three top CEMS moments were:

  1. Welcome week activities, particularly when we had to prepare local specialties out of dough (pizza, bread etc.) in teams of 5-6. Best teambuilding event by far!
  2. Trips in Italy
    a. My favourite was the one to lake Como
    b. I missed, however, the one to Napoli and South of Italy, which others said was lit
  3. The Career Forum in Budapest with the LADS and all other LADS related activities

Even though I was pretty busy over the 4 months, it was a lovely multifaceted experience!

Secret tips:
I don’t regret a thing! Also, if you know all the little hints and shortcuts it won’t be as exciting to find your own way in Milan.

Anything else you would like to share?
Knowing all the little hints and shortcuts won’t be as exciting as finding your own way in Milan.

Would you be okay with being contacted by future outgoings if they have questions?
Sure thing, anytime!
Whatsapp: +36202778044
e-mail: [email protected]