Francisco Tordo

Year of Graduation: 2016 

Current position and company: Account Manager at Amadeus IT Group

Home/Host School: WU / LSE

About Francisco

Francisco was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where he studied Business Administration after graduating with an Abitur from the German School in Lisbon. He went on to complete his CEMS Master’s degree at WU and The London School of Economics in 2016. After an internship at Accenture in Frankfurt, Francisco worked both at Oracle and Salesforce in Dublin and currently lives in Lisbon, where he is an Account Manager at the Amadeus IT Group.

In which way is your current role different than you expected it to be?

Account Management is generally less analytical than what I had prepared for in my studies. Having said that, I did not expect to choose this career path back then therefore it made sense to work on hard skills instead of the relational capacities that I use mostly in my job nowadays.

How has your CEMS experience helped you in fulfilling your current role?

Learning to deal with different cultures and managing people was a major plus for working in large IT MNCs which are spread throughout the world. I’ve covered many different markets (DACH, Southern Africa and Portugal+Ireland) and to be able to do so you need to accommodate for different needs in different regions, without ever losing your own character. I believe I’m successful in performing my tasks at work due the preparation CEMS provided me with.

Which is your favorite leisure time activity on WU campus?

As an architecture geek, I honestly loved to just go for a walk around WU and look at the buildings, which you rarely have time to do as a student. Just generally taking a break and enjoying the sun on campus was a fantastic experience in itself.

Which were your favorite 3 CEMS-moments?

During my first welcome weekend I was buzzed with the excitement of meeting the whole cohort. Another great moment was the first career forum in Vienna, NOV 2016 as it was held in my home school and I came over to Austria with all my friends from exchange in London. The third moment was the epitome of my CEMS years, the graduation in Stockholm – that was a time to revisit all the experiences I had had with everyone who had been a part of it.

What has your CEMS experience taught you about life?

How networking is crucial for any goal one might have in life. Career-wise, all of my past positions were found through acquaintances I made through my two years at CEMS. The focus laid on soft skills and on getting to know your colleagues from all CEMS schools is a major advantage to create international job opportunities.

If you started all over with CEMS, what would you do different?

I think I made mostly the right choices, but I should have worried less about my thesis. In the end, you just have to be willing to focus on it and try to stop yourself from postponing the work you have to put into it.