The CSR team of CEMS Club Vienna is working on raising awareness for social responsibility activities. The CEMS Global Sustainability Week in October is one of our most important periods during the year aiming at promoting sustainable business practice within the CEMS community at WU. There are three pillars to our work:
  • We do our best to provide direct help to NGOs. Events such as cooking for homeless people or the aim to support refugees at Austrian train stations prove our hands-on approach.
  • In cooperation with the Corporate Affairs team, we are deepening our network with corporate and social partners, which results in interesting lectures, workshops and discussions about the function of CSR in the respective firms. 
  • Charity events are aimed to provide financial support to NGOs. For instance, the Charity Sale at the CEMS Career Forum provides CEMS students with suitable items for the Career Forum Gala, while they support a different NGO each year through their purchase.
The CSR team is very proud to work on such essential topics and tries to leverage its connections and management expertise to do something good for society.
If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please contact us via [email protected].