Student Board

Hey CEMSies,

Hey, this is your friendly neighborhood Student Board Representative. The aim of this post is to clear a few things up and introduce you to my second CEMS family.

So what is the Student Board?

The Student Board has been created to enhance the CEMS experience for the students by:

* Gathering students’ opinions about CEMS and the CEMS MIM and bringing in recommendations to improve the CEMS MIM and CEMS community life

* Implementing and managing global projects which have a positive impact on all CEMS students, including projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience

* Providing support and a platform for communication to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals


“Hey, may we enhance your CEMS experience?”

This might sound a little dry though. Basically all CEMS schools can elect one representative who then represents their cohort in the global Student Board. These Student Board Representatives work hard on making your CEMS experience a great one, so if there’s something you are not satisfied with in CEMS feel free to let us know – we are always here to help you. Of course the Student Board is not an almighty organization that can change everything, but we do have a voice in CEMS and luckily people listen to us. The Student Board has a voting right and a seat in several CEMS governing bodies and committees.

The structure of the board might seem a little complicated. On the top, we have the Executive Team, and then we have Functional Teams and Projects. Each Student Board member is usually part of one function and one project. I don’t want to bore you with our countless projects. If you are interested just send me a message or talk to me in person.

For most of the year, the Student Board Representatives work on their projects remotely using Slack, Skype, Hangouts, and whatever else we can to make sure that events are planned and things are done. This method works for the most part but it is also really important to have some face time to discuss important topics. This is why the Student Board organizes three meetings a year where the entire Board meets up at a CEMS School to work on their most important projects. These meetings are a great opportunity to update one another on how each of the cohorts are doing, onboard new members, brainstorm new projects, and do some team building.

The second Student Board meeting of the year took place in September in Hong Kong and we are eternally thankful for the kind people at HKUST for hosting us. The Board spent 5 days in the city working on projects like the CEMS Startup Challenge, CEMS Consulting Cup, CEMS Women’s Network, discussing burning issues like the possible introduction of more hard skill focused courses to the curriculum, and we got lucky enough to get caught in the strongest typhoon to hit Hong Kong in recorded history.

I would be lying if I told you that such a meeting is only about hard work as we also had the chance to sing karaoke until 4AM while being stuck in our hostel with a storm raging outside. One thing though that I cannot put into words is how amazingly talented, ambitious, smart, and nice all of the people are who are working in the Student Board, you guys are truly in good hands! Which leads me to my final thought.

If you would like to know more about the Student Board or what to do in a super typhoon, please feel free to reach out to me via e-mail at [email protected]. If you hate writing emails, you can usually find me in D1 or at the CCV social events.