Pan-European Events

The Pan-European Events team provides CEMS WU students with platforms to connect with students from other CEMS universities.

An essential part of the overall CEMS experience is the possibility to build up close relationships and share experiences with CEMS students from all over the world. Pan-European events bring together CEMS students from different schools and ensure that students do not only spend a great time together, but also receive the chance to create their unique CEMS experiences. Simultaneously, these events may also engage corporate or academic partners.

The Pan-European events team is involved in the organization of the regional DACH Forum, which takes place every year and is hosted by one of the three CEMS schools in the DACH region on an alternating basis (University of Cologne, University of St. Gallen and WU Vienna).

Another highlight of the annual CEMS event calendar are the CEMS Waltzing Days which are hosted by CEMS Club Vienna in cooperation with the CEMS Alumni Association Austria. This event introduces the traditional Viennese ball culture to international CEMS students and alumni.

Apart from that, the Pan-European events team organizes other engaging events together with CEMS Club Cologne and CEMS Club St. Gallen, such as the Austrian Snow Days, thus fostering relationships between the CEMS Clubs and students in the DACH region.

If you have any questions, please contact us via [email protected].