CEMS @ WU Vienna

After completing their bachelor studies, students are eligible to directly apply for the CEMS/International Management masters degree program at WU Vienna. The program is a full-time degree spanning over 4 terms (i.e. 2 years) and includes one mandatory semester abroad as well as an international internship of minimum 10 weeks.

Students can choose to either start the program with their ‘CEMS year’ or ‘WU year’. When starting the program with the CEMS year, students spend their exchange term during the second term and usually write their master thesis in term 4. Whereas students starting with the WU year go abroad during the third term and typically write their master thesis during the second term.

Per annual intake, up to 80 students are accepted into the CEMS/International Management program at WU. Additionally, approximately 40 incoming students are joining us at WU each term. Thus, the CEMS Club Vienna consists of around 150 students at WU each term which makes us the largest CEMS Club in the community.

Learn more about the program on here.


We are very proud to announce that WU is the CEMS School of the Year 2015, a title based on CEMS student evaluation of course offer, school administration, student services and CEMS Club activities.

Additionally, WU won further awards at the CEMS Annual Events held in St. Petersburg in November 2015. WU was announced as the winner in the categories ‘Best Exclusive Course’ (Phillip Nell: Managing and Analyzing Data for Business Decisions) and ‘Best International Business Project’ (Jonas Puck, Thomas Lindner and Moritz Putzhammer in cooperation with A.T. Kearney).