Corporate and Social Partners

CEMS corporate and social partners are involved actively in the CEMS program through activities such as skill seminars, networking events and company presentations, forming a strong bridge between the academic and corporate world.

The Corporate Affairs team has the objective to cultivate and enhance the relations between CEMS Club Vienna and those corporate partners, which are pre-dominantly active in Austria and the DACH region. While most of our partners are also members of the global CEMS community, we are always eager to expand our network and start collaborations with new partners.

CEMS Club Vienna provides access to the best-qualified graduates from WU Vienna and other CEMS partner schools. Our partners can raise awareness for their career opportunities and actively recruit among the world’s top students in management education.
Therefore, CEMS Club Vienna organizes a wide variety of social and corporate events each term, where companies are warmly invited to get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know soon-to-be graduates, often in an informal setting.

For further information, please contact Raphael Felbermayer via [email protected]